【 [Habitat worrying how to break the doors of businesses spac】

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In recent years, cross-border electricity supplier with the doors open, multi-dimensional, three-dimensional model of multilateral trade and economic cooperation to broaden the path of enterprises to enter the international market, the small quantity batch of "fragmentation" of the characteristics of effective adaptation to the development trend of international trade. Due to save a lot of intermediate links, cross-border electricity supplier of wooden doors effectively reduce product prices, so that consumers have greater freedom of choice, no longer subject to geographical restrictions. But the effect is not ideal, look at the current development status of the wood industry, the competition between enterprises and the distribution of products to the R & D direction, market trends are the doors of businesses need to focus on.
Increased personalization features, wooden products have a breakthrough
    Whether it is product quality or marketing capabilities, many domestic enterprises are currently unbeatable doors of many international brands. And they compete in the domestic market, will have to pay attention to the competitive strategy. In domestic enterprises, to create personalized, distinctive wooden products are considered to be a good starting point. It's like people go to a restaurant for dinner, like to point some specialties. This requires domestic doors of businesses in terms of product characteristics should be more efforts to increase the innovative elements, enhance the competitiveness of the products.
    Doors of weak competitiveness of enterprises, market competition system should strengthen the system of marketing the doors to foreign markets more complete, your products as long as there are advantages in terms of quality, there will be a better market. The domestic market is relatively mature, competitive product key from the low-cost companies, public relations skills and personal connections. This industry "hidden rules" phenomenon distorts the doors of the competitiveness of enterprises, leading manufacturers focus on product quality is not high, further limiting the healthy development of the domestic wood industry. In addition, compared with the international brand excellent marketing capabilities, domestic doors of businesses exist on the system is not strong marketing network of resources and lack of weaknesses, making the domestic market competitiveness doors of businesses are very vulnerable.
Actively expand the doors of knowledge, to win consumers' desire to buy
    The doors of businesses to go much higher than the export or domestic difficulties. Its part of the reason is due to the doors of the price is relatively expensive, and in some latecomer urban or rural, or not been widely accepted. On the other hand, the doors of awareness among people is not comprehensive enough, just look at the price to see the doors, do not understand the relevant performance, causing their interest level is not high on wooden products. Therefore, to strengthen people's awareness of the benefits for the doors is necessary, this needs to be done on the government. In addition, suppliers of excessive price competition resulting in decreased product quality, reducing the confidence of consumers to buy wooden products.
Cohabitation domestic wooden products, the price system mess
    And foreign markets high-quality sales model is different from the doors of the domestic market is taking the "homogeneity, that price" of the road. Because of the domestic wood products ichthyosaurs mixed beads, the price system is inferior manufacturers upsets mess, leading the overall market lower profit margins. Compared with the export market profits, the domestic market is the "price war" positions, which exports to domestic sales of wooden doors lead to a greater impact on the marketing ideas, so that these companies are very suited. How accurate pricing of their products made in order to avoid falling into the "overpriced unwanted, low pricing does not pay," the situation? This question deeply troubled many domestic exports to the doors of businesses.