【[le nest wooden double let big promotion]】

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The 2012 National Day activities coming online music nest wooden door

The Mid Autumn Festival, the traditional Chinese festival for the annual Lunar New Year in August fifteen.August for the autumn of second months, in ancient times known as the mid autumn, because in the autumn and in August, the folk called Mid Autumn Festival, also known as Qiuxi, festival in August, August, end of the month, half month festival, and because this day the moon is full circle, the symbol of the reunion, also known as the festival of reunion. This joy nest with "Mid Autumn Festival", "the National Day" double arrival, joy nestpeople with quality, service, value concept! Launched a series of large-scale promotional activities.

Joy nest door with thanks to new and old customers to joy nest brand has been the concern and support,before the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is coming for the decoration of the house is as to choosing wooden door you prepared a double promotion gift, also arrange time in double long before you add a surprisein the enjoyment of double before. At the same time during the event, who went into the joy nest each big storeuser, also have exquisite gift, gift gifts worth more transactions users, consumers look forward to.