1, with a certain degree of financial strength, good personal reputation, business reputation, wealth of business experience and a higher overall quality.
2, good brand management capabilities, identity nest door to meet the music industry marketing policy and other conditions specified in the special distribution contract;
3, reasonable store location, fixed business premises.
4, legitimate business eligibility.
5, entrepreneurial passion, a forward-looking vision and spirit of cooperation
6, good service management capabilities, independent of the installation team, able to independently handle customer complaints and disputes.
7, franchisees joining to have a good relationship and the wider community
8, good regional management capacity, able to cope with the operation of the market positioning appropriate advertising strategy.
9, must be determined in the industry, have the courage to open up, not afraid of hard spirit.
10, under the authority of the legitimate use of trademarks, technology, documentation, order prints and a variety of packaging within the music industry ownership nest door range.
11, strictly abide by the rules and regulations and to join practices for management and supervision.