Doors of the agents how to meet the electricity supplier co

2018-11-09 13:21
Although electricity supplier is a familiar problem for the wood industry, the companies must keep pace with the doors but the electricity supplier development, with more advanced electric provider model to challenge the development of traditional business model.
The need to strengthen collaboration with agents
    For manufacturers, the functions of the doors of the agents has now expanded from simple distribution channels to both the management of defenders, in addition to managing business, agents along with brand management, the functions of sales management, service docking, financial management . The original "chipping away" the doors of the dealer has gradually grown, the industry has formed a number of large-scale "big agency", and these big agencies have "shock." Its online shop and even to some extent, with the manufacturer's Guide Shop constitute a "competitive" relationship. At the same time, had no problem at all between these big online agents, also formed a collision.
    "Under the traditional line dealers are authorized areas, and the current number of electronic business platform for the entire network are authorized online dealer, this will lead to regional conflict between line agents, prone to a price war." Certain doors of the brand official said, it also means that large quantities, have bargaining power of large on-line agents, breaking the previous electric provider Direct door manufacturers online unified control price pattern, line manufacturers no longer dominant, wire on-line the same below the price guarantee, doors and other home building materials industry this into the "electricity supplier" market price system.
The need to strengthen the line operating under dealer
    For the original online dealer sites can be divided, nonaggression territory, and came to the line on the face "infighting" phenomenon, some industry insiders believe that manufacturers should be targeted to key support some economic strength, willing investment and development, "electricity supplier" of the big on-line agents.
    But some people think that if the agents focus on supporting large, easy to form the next "big one agency alone" phenomenon. Those agents will be small and no voice, this is definitely the doors of the manufacturers do not want to see. In short, small feel, doors agents in the market development, but it should continue their energy savings for their future development and expansion ready.