The small wooden door enterprises transform change greatly P

2018-11-09 15:39
Service mass consumption, it seems that in the past two years, become the important way of business of some wooden door store, both recently set up a new store, or have been positioning of mass consumption, in the wooden door market "cold winter", is particularly weak and strong.Fluctuations in prices, "just to be" is always the main consumption that buy a house, mass consumption is dislocation stores management strategy, also let stores remain stable performance."Popular" the dislocation of the route management, also let the development of the wooden door market more robust, promotion of market change.
Small change greatly
Recently been to wooden door store consumers can discover, today's wooden door store, the front there are several merchants stores.Gathered a variety of fashion brand, in-store display area is good, not usual in that kind of dense show depressive feeling, comfortable, and have independent door into the shop.This is wooden door store add "brand shop" behind.
Transform the original
Why such a transformation?Wooden door says, brand image store opening, combines the development strategy of wooden door.As is known to all, wooden door, has been to build the strategy of "big wooden door", to create a high-end consumption fashion international rocks.The establishment of the brand image store, also conforms to the future development direction of wooden door.At the same time, as a businessman, wooden door to response the government called on the planning strategy, store more suitable development after reforming.
The future
The establishment of brand image shop to actually create high-end, fine stores took an important step.For merchants, selling is on the one hand, but with the development of the market, the brand has also become important up.Independent image store is advantageous to the display of new products, research and development and sales, at the same time also to cooperation and communication and negotiation with outgoing dealers.Because not only will attract more traffic, will also promote selling floor merchants to strengthen its own brand.
Experience is the largest consumer when buying wooden door products requirements.Consumers' consumption has a wooden door with the special requirements of other goods, that is must be the scene, to experience.Hence, how to promote the entity stores and shops of "perception", catch people's attention, in turn, drive their emotions, become a matter worth studying.It is, therefore, wooden door storefront renovation subverts the traditional were carried out from inside to outside, comfortable and relaxed.
Transformation characteristics
Now, according to the classification position of brand strength mercery way already moss-grown, the imported products and domestic products completely fragmented way also need to break out.So, wooden door store adjustment principle is, on the basis of the expressive force of brand is to show level.Whether from the inside out to stores for a pleasant and coherent feeling, be the focus of reform.
Future prospects
Wooden door store change will continue, this is only the beginning, large-scale adjustment and change, is actually ran a "luxury".Purchasing wooden door does not need, it can also be a relaxed, comfortable.It is understood that in the future to further improve and transform, landscape is important one annulus.