farewell profiteering era wood door industry transformati

2018-11-09 14:54
At present, the development of wood industry is profiteering era, the development of the industry also gradually tends to slow the development of the state, in this case, the wooden door enterprises want to seek a higher market profits, only as a service to advance, in order to increase the added value of the brand to attract the attention of consumers.
Changes in population structure, the causes of migrant workers wages to rise;With new generation as the main body of the migrant workers, on the other hand, with the life of citizens "half", propensity to consume is much higher than the older generation of migrant workers.Consumption group characteristics change will accelerate the wooden door enterprises to a certain extent the sales change, the original wood door industry will also appear a certain adjustment target customers.
Wooden door enterprises from traditional manufacturing to the production of service-oriented business transformation, is a very important strategic market downturn, is also an important trend for the development of the industry.At present, enterprises are facing a critical moment, scramble for markets, create brand in the face of the domestic market competition, wooden door enterprises must have the marketing consciousness, service consciousness, to adapt to market changes now.
Wood door industry, service quality is no longer as the added value of products and wooden door, the gradually grown into an independent consumption, how to improving the quality of wooden door enterprises should also be brought to the attention of the wood door industry.
Service industry of our country, employment population of first industry for the first time that from a certain side shows the important influence of China's service industry.Future consumer incomes rise and the change of population structure combination, both urban and rural residents, the proportion of service sector consumption in total consumption from trend showing a clear rising trend.
For wood door industry, the increase of product added value and the wooden door of wooden door products function, has been brought to the attention of the wood door industry, the trend will be more obvious in the future.
From the development trend of the consumption, with the upgrading of consumption, the consumption of added value will increase gradually.In the consumer in the early period of the long period, many commodity consumption "low-cost measures";By the end of a long cycle, and consumption as commodity ownership "saturated, and income growth also support consumption upgrade, consumption reflects the conversion from quantitative change to the price change.