1, measurement of wall thickness, gate width and height, and then measuring the finished product door frametop frame length and frame length, to see whether and the appropriate.

2, assembled door frame must be carried out in a clean smooth flat surface, with the 6 6mm long screws totransverse frame and the two frame is firmly connected with the firm.

3, three block frame shift gate on the same plane, the top frame and the frame are connected into a 90 degree angle, at the both sides of the frame fixed 4 to 6 connecting sheets, nail locked foot wooden and lock footwooden box, the top cover on the top sides of frame, frame width on both sides between the gate fan should filethe door height 7cm, a top frame between the door and the ground profile within the gate fan height height should be 13cm.

4, has formed a shape of the door frame on the ground over nails fixed 4 to 6 connecting sheets, checkwhether the angle of 90 degree angle, the door frame on the middle and lower air inside width are the same.

5, the whole solid door frame assembly into the doorway, with hanging vertical check whether the overallvertical door frame, the connecting sheet to nail hole is a point, determine the nail hole position on the wall, with the yuan nail connection piece is fixed on the wall, in the fixed frame and wall inlaid wood or gap foamingadhesive, the door frame and the wall body solid density.

6, installation of door hinge, hinge on the first on a screw, and then close the door to check whether the appropriate gap between the door and the door, check the file is in the same plane, the door has no straining,correct the other screws, screws are not allowed to be directly hit the frame, the installation of the door frame and the door leaf area, to ensure that the file is inconsistent connecting slot door dislocation, tight, firm,decorative surface without damage.

7, determine between a door and a door frame installation is accurate after the installation of lines, lines with the wall and the door frame installation can be squeezed and decide, if the wall than the frame narrow circumstances, the available line edge width side against the wall, such as frame than narrow wall case is on the contrary, the lines on both sides can take out cover nails, lines with the nail cover back to.

8, pay attention to comprehensive inspection after installation of the door lock, the door leaf is flexible, stay jointcompliance.

9, wall corner, T word wall openings should choose gate hole size small 45mm to 65mm wide door, when the installation of wooden "false walls" false wall width of 45mm to 65mm.