The emergence of the phenomenon: after installation, the product surface bulge or blistering, delamination

Possible reasons: in the outdoor or direct sunlight window, door frames and other used plate plate, or by sunshine long time irradiation.

Solution: all the products should avoid direct installed outdoors, avoid direct sunlight, the plate is not suitable for use in outdoor and sill plate. Heshijia flat line doorframe, Mentao, windowsill to recommend the use of higher strength to install. Sheet of veneer back of material should be through the manual or mechanical polishingsandpaper.

The emergence of the phenomenon of air layer foaming or within:

Possible reasons: material surface oil, water, or other contaminants; environmental humidity is too big.

Solution: spraying is necessary to remove the dirt surface of material.

The emergence of the phenomenon: paste or glue after degumming

Possible reasons: the glue has dried fits or joint when not enough pressure or pressure is not uniform; the air pipeline spray gun can contain water; the use of scraping plate construction, joint pressurized Congresspushed out of glue layer.

Solution: the glue dry time is appropriate in 15 minutes, with the glue dry to non stick in hand for good; widearea uniform pressure, clean the spray gun pipe water; use of scraping plate construction, must grasp thethickness of glue concentration, force should not be too big.

The emergence of the phenomenon: when pasting viscosity is not tight

Possible reasons: no viscous adhesive, glue is too thin, the glue spraying too far, to fly into filamentous, caused by spraying too thin.

Solution: choose the high strength, low temperature resistance, oil resistance of the super universal glue gun;moderate pressure is 8kg, lance from the surface of 30cm spray materials is suitable; in one direction then spray one to two times can increase the thickness of adhesive layer.